Vol.5  No.11   2016
Alessandra Casses Zoucas, Isabella Bertoncini and Cristiano José Castro de Almeida Cunha
[01-12]  [PDF]

The objective of this paper is to present the developments made in the literature regarding leadership as practice. A bibliometric analysis was thus performed on articles published on Web of Science, SCOPUS, EBSCO and SCIELO between 2006 and 2016. A total of 11 articles have been selected, written by 18 authors affiliated to 11 institutions from 7 countries. It is important to highlight that no Brazilian or South American articles have been found in the Web of Science, SCOPUS, EBSCO and SCIELO databases in relation to these topics. This study has also enabled the identification of a profile of studies performed on these issues through a broad retrospective panorama of publications. Results found portray a continuous interest by the international scientific community in studying leadership as practice.

PROBLEM BASED LEARNING (PBL) APPLICATION: A Coordinators´ Perception of Accounting Courses
Marcello Lopes Dos Santos
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Through this study it was possible to know the Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodology and its implementation as a teaching-learning method in the Accounting Course. The teaching methods are an intriguing subject for researchers: traditional methods are saturated and interact with new technologies integrated with studies. A change is required so professionals can keep abreast of all new events. Teaching is based on problems and the PBL is a proposal that can shorten the gap between market requirements and the abilities of those holding a B.S.in Accounting, while improving their performance by combining knowledge and practice. A research of coordinators of courses in Accounting from Universities in the City of São Paulo was conducted using questionnaires to arrive at a critical look at PBL. The result was that students and teachers have implementation difficulties due to resistance to the new and low method availability.