Vol.5  No.12   2016
CONCEPTUAL APPROACH ON INNOVATION MANAGEMENT IN BRAZIL and the challenges of the generating research and innovation process in universities
Daniela Salgado Gonçalves da Silva and Luciana de Souza Gracioso
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Against the current incentive scenery to the commitment of the University in the process of production of the Innovation in national extent, it was an objective of this study to identify and to systematize the main definitions that regularize the Innovation in Brazil, with the objective of, subsequently, talk with more property in which measure the University would participate of this process. We had done an exploratory research, on basis of national and international bibliographical sources. The results suggest that the Innovation already has consolidated base referential system, however, the University still demands of strategies to operationalize this process. We propose to make a study at a university in São Paulo State, to diagnose the research and innovation management network, focusing on the organizational units linked to strategic management.