Edição Especial Brasil - 2015, June, Issue
Carolina Dantas de Figueiredo
[01-07]  [PDF]

In Brazil, marketing teaching is a tradition in business and social communication courses, while it is also regarded in other courses and careers as a subject that helps qualify the undergraduate student for the labor market. Such a scenario is mainly due to the influence of North American thought over the Brazilian business training through management training schools. As a consequence, the teaching methods are also imported. Thus, this paper aims to discuss the use of case studies as teaching-learning method, pointing its limitations and possibilities for application in the Brazilian context.

Dissertação de Mestrado, João Carlos Erpen, Carlos André da Silva Müller, Gleimiria Batista da Costa, Iluska Lobo Braga and Fábio Robson Casara Cavalcante
[08-23]  [PDF]

The Amazon Chestnut stands out for being a product whose demand in the domestic and international market grows significantly. This research is a study focused on Social Capital and Social Network. Were listed professional relationships, direct negotiations, networking, and social relations in the sharing and exchange of information, becoming necessary to seriously consider the central aim of these interconnections are complementary in the pursuit of the common good conduct. The methodology used was sociometry an analytical tool that is in the form of a sociogram. To definitively establish the configuration of these networks, we sought to Graph Theory in order to effectively illustrate how these are interconnected. This study, after making one X-rays on the marketing of nuts in the region of Guajará-Mirim / Rondônia - Brazil and Riberalta / Beni -Bolivia, back for future research an important contribution since it is able to demonstrate the profound differences between these two markets

Marco Aurélio Sanches Fittipaldi, Silvio Augusto Minciotti, Denis Donaire and Leandro Campi Prearo
[24-32]  [PDF]

This article has the objective of identifying whether the loyalty for the team has a negative effect on the word of mouth of the rival team’s brand. It has been developed a model based on the works of Fagundes (2013) and Santana and Akel Sobrinho (2010), through the use of Structural Equation Modeling - SEM, which presents three constructions: the identification with the team, the loyalty to the team and the negative word of mouth of the rival’s brand. 528 students from two college were interviewed and it has been identified that the emotional involvement of the supporter with his team reflects on the identification of a supporter by his team (KWON e ARMSTRONG, 2004; KAYNAK, 2008; JORDAN et al., 2014), it is thus formed a loyalty for the team (FUNK and JAMES, 2006). It influences other people in their personal relationships through the negative word of mouth communication.

ADVICE AND COLLEGIATE: Public and Participatory?
André Luis Rabelo Cardoso, André Nunes, Shirley Mirone Martins Guimarães and Ione Velame
[33-40]  [PDF]

The Superior Councils, established by Law 11,892 / 2008, represent instances for the participation of civil society in the formulation, evaluation and implementation of public policies. However, the Boards since its inception, face enormous challenges in developing their skills. This article is by looking at the content of the decisions of the Councils, reflect on their actions, trying to identify the effectiveness and efficiency of decisions. The study was conducted based on the Federal Institutes of Education, having national coverage. The methodology can be described as a content analysis. Decisions were reviewed by the Supreme Councils which have been entered in these Federal Institutes, seeking to realize the effectiveness of democratic participation. In general, the text points to a high degree of incompatibility between the operating model of the councils and the participatory democratic model required in the constitution 1988. It is then necessary to reconsider the implemented design, therefore the current situation hinders citizens and the potential development of a more democratic and participatory public sphere.

CHIC, MYSTIQUE AND MISCONCEPTION: Repercussion of Lipshitz (2000)
Michele Rílany Rodrigues Machado, Lúcio de Souza Machado, Kátia Barbosa Macêdo, Simone Maria Moura Mesquita and Lila de Fátima de Carvalho Ramos
[41-49]  [PDF]

This theoretical essay aims to analyze the impact of Lipshitz (2000) in the literature and how the work of Argyris and Schon (1974; 1978; 1996) were used in later articles to the critical analysis of Lipschitz (2000). For this, we selected 21 articles published in national and international journals cited the paper of Lipshitz (2000). Of these, only six used the critical analysis of Lipshitz (2000) in order to contribute to the paper of Argyris and Schon (1974; 1978; 1996). It is inferred that critical work Lipshitz (2000) reflected in the literature and the way in five authors analyzed the works of Argyris and Schon (1974; 1978; 1996) were used in later articles to the critical analysis of Lipshitz (2000).

Paulo Marcelo Ferraresi Pegino
[50-61]  [PDF]

The Labour Process Theory (LPT) arises mainly from the original – and classical – work of Harry Braverman (Labor and Monopoly Capital: The degradation of work in the Twentieth Century), first published in 1974. LPT is a late Marxist theory (or a research program) focused on the capitalist labour process and (primarily) concerned with the production of surplus value and the progressive erosion of worker control of the labour process. This paper aims to place LPT in broader organizational studies debates exploring some shifts in the nature and focus of the LPT, particularly from 'immanent laws' to the 'subjective dimensions', clarifying the intersections between the fields and proposing some research possibilities.

Ludmila de Vasconcelos Machado Guimarães, Paulo Fernandes Sanches Junior and Cacilda Nacur Lorentz
[62-72]  [PDF]

To improve the performance of organizations it is important the discussion of maturity in managing people, especially in the service sector, such as gyms, business is becoming increasingly widespread. In this sense, this study aimed to understand the relationship of the maturity level of people management and performance in gyms in Brazil. Then, we investigate the relationship between the constructs maturity in people management and organizational performance, to clarify the strength and direction of such a relationship. Through a survey, questionnaires were collected in a sample of 239 valid respondents. To assess organizational performance, we used a set of variables and indicators to measure, obtained from the theoretical framework adopted. To evaluate the levels of maturity of the processes of managing people in organizations, we used the model People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM), of Curtis, Hefley; Miller (2001, 2002). The collected data were analyzed statistically by descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis. The methodology of measurement and analysis of relations between the constructs, we adopted the test parameter estimation by Partial Least Squares (PLS), depending on the characteristic of the constructs of performance and flexibility of the method in terms of sample size and sampling distribution of data. In overall, the study identified significant relationships between the two constructs assessed and made important recommendations for the enrichment of the models used in the area of physical activity.

THE KNOWLEDGE IN SERVICES OPERATIONS: The Role of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management
Edson Oliveira Neves
[73-82]  [PDF]

This paper highlights the importance of knowledge in service operations, recognizing it as an essential and strategic resource, according the organization's resource-based view. Considering the issues related to creation of knowledge and its management, the study makes a discussion on the role of organizational learning and knowledge management. These two approaches are integrated with focus on organizational knowledge in the context of service operations that are characterized, among other aspects, by variability, unpredictability, effective participation of the client and by simultaneity of production and consumption. The research is based on a literature review for integration of studies and characterized as exploratory and descriptive.

CAPITAL STRUCTURE AND PERFORMANCE OF FIRMS: Durand or Modigliani and Miller, an Empirical Analysis of Brazilian Companies Listed in BM&FBOVESPA
Luiz Kennedy Cruz Machado, José Willer do Prado, Kelly Carvalho Vieira, Susy Naiara Alves da Silva, Luiz Marcelo Antonialli and Antônio Carlos dos Santos
[83-96]  [PDF]

The economic changes occurred in the last years have made the dynamics of Brazilian market more complex, which directly impacts the administration of large organizations, particularly in tasks of managerial nature such as the decisions concerning the definition of the capital structure. However, the literature of this theoretical field is polarized into two seminal works, the first from Durand (1952, 1959) in which the author discusses the existence of an optimal capital structure that maximizes the firm value and, in the other hand, the Modigliani and Miller’s work (1958, 1963), considering that the way how firms are financed is irrelevant. In this way, the objective was to verify the effective interference of the capital structure in the performance of Brazilian companies listed in the BM&FBovespa. The sample consisted in cross section data and were selected the last balance sheets of all companies listed in the BM&FBovespa, available in Economática® database. The techniques used were the variance analysis (ANOVA) and discriminant analysis. Among the indicators used, it was observed that only the general liquidity, the degree of fixed assets, the Tobin’s Q, the growth opportunity and the sector which the company belongs to, were significant at 1% level. The results indicate that the capital structure is not directly related to the performance of Brazilian companies listed in the BM&FBovespa. In the interim, the results point to the consolidation of the financial theories exposed by Modigliani and Miller (1958, 1963), opposite to the conservative line started on Durand studies (1952).

Alexandre Franco de Godoi, Alexandre Luzzi Las Casas and Alfredo Guimarães Motta
[97-112]  [PDF]

Social networks are configured as an enabling environment for companies in the achievement of communications, transactions and relationships with your potential customers and clients, in addition to marketing activities with the potential to modify and enhance these relationships. However, it isn’t characterized as the most suitable environment for product announcements from traditional forms of advertising. This research seeks to develop a qualitative analysis of the use of Facebook as a tool to build relationships between the company and customers/consumers in the top 10 fan pages in Brazil. It starts with the hypothesis that companies are underdoing this social network, focusing its activity on a traditional advertising routine, disregarding the potential of enabling relationships. To achieve the goals was used to netnographic search, with the support of bibliographic scientific articles, books, theses, websites and other means to obtain the necessary information. For those who have embraced the medium as a priority channel approach to consumer, the goals were quite different, ranging from communication of advertising content, the sale of products or the implementation of customer relationship. It also denotes that companies under-use the interactive potential of this media, not dialogue effectively with the consumer, and excluding it from almost entire value building process.

Catia Antonia da Silva and Ana Clara Torres Ribeiro
[113-122]  [PDF]

The metropolis of Rio de Janeiro is the second largest urban area of Brazil, both in terms of population and economic dimension, as the complexity of relationships in the paradox between modernization and social exclusion experienced in collective contexts. The identification of labor issues, are remarkable complexity of occupational forms, relations between formality and informality and diversification of public policies in the area of labor, employment and income. Among the urban policies, stand out the National Program of Solidarity Economy that is characterized by its search for new forms of markets and associations for informal groups, in order to insert the minimum conditions of social rights and citizenship. The relationship between public policy and territory is the challenge and the assumption that reflection. This work, in this sense, is intended to reflect briefly on the size of the metropolitan territory, here understood as a complex totality defined by power relations, by agents with different interests, shared projects and projects in dispute. Reflect the work and policies related to social economy in metropolitan areas constitutes a real challenge, since the density of collective life creates and destabilize social relations and also collective projects.

GROUPS OF STUDY IN NURSING: Strategy for Assistance Management
Rika M. Kobayashi, Sérgio Henrique Simonetti, Christiane Pereira Martins Casteli, Ana Paula da Conceição, Carine Cristiane Fusco Meirelles, Lígia Beneli Prado and Andrea Cotait Ayoub
[123-136]  [PDF]

This documental study aimed to describe the contributions of the groups of study for strategic management of the work process in Nursing. It was developed in governmental hospital of São Paulo between 2005 and 2014, and adopted the action based study The results were analyzed under Donabedian reference. The groups were formally constituted by Continuing Education Service using its structure. The work process developed were institutional nursing care process, intervention and results indicators, assistance audit, development, measurement and analysis of nursing indicators responsive to quality certification, adoption of multidisciplinary work for evaluation, therapy on wounds and standardization of materials resources for administrative sector. The Permanent Education made possible to develop competent clinical nurses involved with institutional results, partners with strategic management and with empowerment for resolution. There were identified gaps and fragility in research and the necessity of investments in technology for information management at work

Josefa Sônia Pereira da Fonseca, Cristiane Tavares Fonseca de Moraes Nunes and Jorge Luís Cabral Nunes
[137-147]  [PDF]

The present work is the result of a research in a private Institute of Higher Learning of Administration, located in São Paulo. It aimed to analyze the management style of this Institute regarding its performance in student learning. The methodologies used were case studies and bibliographic research. It presented the following results: 1) that the teaching process is strongly influenced by the management style. 2) the conception of the organizational culture focused on individual appreciation of the staff may produce results in the global values culture of the organization, consequently affecting, in this case positively, the organizational mood.

WORK, FAMILY AND SUPPORTIVE FRAMEWORKS: Perception of Female University Professor from the City of Manaus
Maria da Glória Vitório Guimarães and Eucia Beatriz Lopes Petean
[148-159]  [PDF]

This research aimed to evaluate certain work and family life aspects, analyzing the support systems available in the city of Manaus and the impacts that the double work shift presents in the welfare levels of professional women and housewives with young children. For data collection, the Famwork questionnaire was applied to 86 female professors with children aged between zero and seven. The results showed that more than half of the participants were successful in using the traditional supportive frameworks (grandparents and babysitters) and only a small number of professors used daycare services. There were observed stress symptoms that could be associated with a high overburden and diminished supportive framework availability.

Luiz Kennedy Cruz Machado, José Willer do Prado, Susy Naiara Alves da Silva, Luiz Marcelo Antonialli and Gideon Carvalho de Benedicto
[160-174]  [PDF]

The study aimed to analyze the existence of similarity between the economic-financial indicators of publicly traded companies listed in Differentiated Levels of Corporate Governance (DLCG) of BM&FBOVESPA and the other organizations. Therefore, we used Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis techniques, which allowed the classification of companies, forming two distinct groups, considering as representative factors the liquidity and the capital structure indicators, which permitted to classify the first group as “satisfactory financial situation” and the second as “unsatisfactory financial situation”. The comparison between the clusters formed with the group of companies listed in DLCG, has shown that approximately 95% of companies listed on the special segments were classified in cluster 1, named as companies with satisfactory financial situation. In order to confirm the difference between groups, the original variables were evaluated using the ANOVA statistical test, which demonstrated statistical difference between the groups. Based on these results, it can be said that there is a pattern of similarity of economic-financial indicators among the companies listed in DLCG and those with good financial management and different in relation to the others, indicating that good performance is linked to a management focused on excellence.

Catarina Ferreira Silveira, Leonardo Ensslin and Sérgio Murilo Petri
[175-185]  [PDF]

This article presents a building proposal of a model that allows identify competition criteria for organization improvement of small industry, with aim on relationship marketing. For that purpose, we embraced the Multi-Criteria Decision Ainding Methodologies - MCDA - which is a personalized procedure based upon the constructivist paradigm. This is a qualitative method, as it has subjective features and based on qualitative observations from natural phenomenon, taking into consideration the changeable characteristic of the phenomenon, there isn't absolute concerns about the control of the variables. The differential in this research lies in its capability to interact in two fields: Relationship Marketing, which is generally measured through tendencies and perceptions of the market, and the MCDA, which seeks to generate knowledge through the interaction of objectives as well as subjective aspects.

Marcus Vinicius Sabino Nunes and Márcia Batista da Fonseca
[186-197]  [PDF]

This research aims to conduct a case study on the company Natura Cosmetics SA, presenting the company's profile, which stands out for technological innovation related to sustainable development in the international market. This is a descriptive qualitative study, which obtained data from public agencies, such as the Central Bank, private companies and own company Natura. The results show the company's internationalization strategy and international operations for the years 2003 - 2013. It is noteworthy that some of the international investment company were unsatisfactory and failed to maintain, with a view to not feasible or economic dissatisfaction of the company. However, it is noticed that the experience at the international level for the company Natura, figure as a strategic plan to expand markets.

Raiziane Cássia Freire da Silva, Ronaldo Leão de Miranda, Rosane Maria Seibert and Berenice Beatriz Rossner Wbatuba
[198-209]  [PDF]

Strategies and good governance practices are the main means to achieve organizational goals. This research aims to identify what is the role of governance in the strategic process of organizations. For this, there was a case study in an organization with non-profit, by bibliographic research, documentary, non-participant observation on the organization's website and semi-structured interviews with the directors of the organization for collecting data. Data analysis was done through a qualitative approach with content analysis. The results of the strategic process together with the governance contributes to raising the competitiveness of the organization. Also, governance has a key role in the strategic process, both in strategy formulation and in its implementation by the guidance and monitoring to ensure that strategic planning run up-down form is what has been planned down-up form.

André Carlos Busanelli de Aquino and Ricardo Rocha de Azevedo
[210-224]  [PDF]

This article analyses the degree of realism in the annual budgets of 2800 municipalities; it rejects the hypothesis that the loss of realism results from restrictions on information for estimates, and encounters the use of incremental budgeting in expenses. The management of public finances (Performance Financial Management – PFM) has received attention from multilateral agencies, and is seen as the basis of suggested reforms for developing countries. In general, interventions by such agencies are limited to national governments and do not affect the practices of local or regional governments. The results of the analysis show that the proposed reforms in Brazil have still not brought the desired outcomes, and that the rejection of the hypotheses mentioned suggests that the executive branch anticipates both challenges and opportunities to arise during the execution of local government budgets, as well as foreseeing budgetary breaches (both over and underestimates).The impact of this practice is a reduction in accountability for the process as a whole.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INTERNATIONALIZATION: A Study in Exporting Companies in the Mechanical Metal Industry of Nova Veneza – Santa Catarina
Ana Laura Guinzani, Julio Cesar Zilli, Adriana Carvalho Pinto Vieira, Izabel Regina de Souza and Thiago Henrique Francisco
[225-236]  [PDF]

This article aimed to analyze the international entrepreneurship with a focus on internationalization of export companies in the mechanical metal industry of Nova Veneza – SC. Methodologically, the study is characterized as to the purposes, as a descriptive, and of ways to research, as a literature search and a multi case study. The sample consisted of three organizations that have kept business relationship with the foreign market in 2013. Data were collected through an interview with the support of a semi-structured, using a qualitative approach. From the analysis it is realized that the companies were not born with the intention of being globalized. The unexpected orders from abroad were the main reason for the international insertion. The variation of the dollar and red tape are the main risks faced by companies. However, what motivates organizations to continue this process is the growth opportunities, customer loyalty and expanding markets.

Sandra Inês Ferreira Salgado, Wendel Alex Castro Silva and Elisson Alberto Tavares Araújo
[237-251]  [PDF]

The purpose was to analyze whether there was a relationship between value creation, financial performance and social responsibility and corporate sustainability companies integrated the ISE between 2005 and 2010. The research is empirical-descriptive and quantitative. The sample consisted of 47 companies, 35 members of the ISE and Bovespa’ 12. Data were collected from Economática. In the analyzes, we applied the Spearman correlation test and the nonparametric comparison of independent means of Mann-Whitney. We found that companies that adopt socially responsible practices not always generate higher returns to investors. As for value creation, inexistiu significant difference between the stock return, the M / B and the abnormal return between such companies and others. An unexpected result was that social investments inversely influenced the creation of value: companies that have invested in the social sector showed less value creation. Since those with low frequency in joining the ISE tend to greater value creation. The conclusion is not possible to state that the participation of companies in the ISE would be associated with the creation of value and financial performance.

Eduardo Amadeu Dutra Moresi and Clóvis de Assis Geraldo Filho
[252-267]  [PDF]

This research has the objective to identify the general conditions of employment practices of Knowledge Management (KM) to support the process of internal audit of a public company in airport infrastructure in their work in fulfilling their organizational mission. It sought to examine the reports of audits by the Internal Audit, considering the audited areas, at least for two consecutive years or not, in 2011 to 2013. For data analysis, it used the procedure "Content Analysis", due to the categorical verification of findings contained in the internal audit reports, through the observation of their recurrence and their recommendations (implemented or under implementation) in the monitoring phase until the next audit. As a practical result, it was presented a list of procedures related to employment of KM practices that can be applied in internal audit processes and contributes to change the situation found was presented.

Mauricio Zampronio Affonso, Miguelangelo Gianezini and César Augustus Winck
[268-283]  [PDF]

Among the main products of the Brazilian agribusiness, milk detaches for providing food and generating employment and income for the population. In 2013, Brazil was the sixth largest producer of milk in the world. However, from structural, market and socio-economic transformations that the dairy industry has been suffering arises, there is a growing concern with the organizational strategy and the efficient management of operations, in order to achieve a higher level of competitiveness in terms of costs, prices and quality consistent with the standards of the contemporary dynamic market. Therefore, this research aimed to generate technical information for making decision in dairy farming. The survey was conducted by a qualitative and descriptive study of dairy farming in the country, using literature and documentary review. A diagnosis of the reality of the sector was also performed, using the SWOT analysis. It was found that Brazil over the years, created several technical standards, regulations, programs and legislation in order to implement a more appropriate model of milk production, with regard to food quality and safety. However, negative and deficit points were recorded as the major use of the extensive mode of production, the use of low technology, low productivity, profitability and reproductive efficiency, health and nutritional deficiency in herd management, low technical capacity and quality of raw material and the rising costs of milk production due to health and environmental requirements. Therefore, these informations are necessary, because they generate technical allowances for decision on the farm and stimulate rural management based in strategic planning, clarifying and making predictions about trends in the dairy market.

Glauciene Silva Martins, Mariana Drumond de Lima and Allan Claudius Queiroz Barbosa
[284-293]  [PDF]

The article describes the structure of the innovation system of an automotive industry and its relationship with the HR function. This case illustrates subject matter of Evolutionary Economics, but still being resolved. In the analysis, we have the redemption of the precepts brought by contemporary approach to people management, particularly the notion of competence, proposing a problematic reading on the point of view of administration. The main result, we noticed a change in the view of management on the prospect of innovation, which now cover more organizational dimension than just the simple development of new products.

Ana Leticia Carnevalli Motta, Zélia Marilda Rodrigues Resck, Fábio de Souza Terra and Silvia Helena Henriques Camelo
[294-303]  [PDF]

This study focuses on exercise leadership in the face of the nursing work dimensions. Qualitative approach, the study aims will the analysis of management practice of hospital technician responsible nurse enable dialectical context in understanding the leadership will face dichotomy between the managerial dimension and welfare work. Constituted from 15 nurses technicians in charge of public and private hospitals in eight cities in southern Minas Gerais.Foram elect according to the Snowball Sampling Technique, in the period from October to December 2014. A semi-structured interview was used, being addressed with the guiding question "how do you, the responsible technical function, leads the day-to-day leadership over its employees." We used content analysis and the exercise of leadership given the dimensions of nursing work, object of this study. Reports say that in the exercise of leadership, the Nursing Technical Staff point to the need to harmonize the dimensions of managerial work and assistance since the dichotomy between the concepts is inherent in his experience.

José G Lupoli Junior
[304-314]  [PDF]

The article’s text describes an experimental research with workgroups. The experiment focused in team’s member behavior observation, formed by undergraduate students that acted like fictional industries’ company managers, inside a competitive business environment, simulated by a business game. The experimental research tried to identify possible impacts that teams’ leadership organizational structure can have over the each group’s management decision-making process. The research also focused in verifying if formal management structures: autocratic or democratic can influence leadership style and/or team members’ behavior. The results showed that, in the experimental context, formal management structures are more adequate to obtain a better team performance in decision-making process, but have no impact in leadership style or in subordinates’ behavior.

SKILLS FOR MANAGEMENT: A Discussion Apply To Leaders in a Business of Service
Neyri Rodrigues da Silva, Renato Medeiros de Souza, Werianny Santiago Rassi, Adelmar Santos de Araújo and Walmirton Bezerra D`Alessandro
[315-322]  [PDF]

This paper refers to an analysis theories regarding management skills and leadership were primary and secondary sources of national and foreign authors, which led us to a better understanding of the skills and nuances that permeate organizations, individuals and their interrelations. with the objective leadchip evaluate the performance of a particular company and understand whether their skills are in line with expectations by its president and directors, a survey was conducted exploratory com the use of quantitative qualitative e method. Performance evaluation identifies the causes of satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance, enabling its correction with the participation of the evaluated employees. Evaluate performance constitutes a complex process that incorporates informative features needed to properly judge a performance as well as essential requirements to integrate the management process in their stages of planning, execution and control. Para the job in question the ideia is that the evaluation of performance serves as an indicator of training needs, development, motivation and other organizational measures, always seeking to improve results.The This article presents a look under the valuation from the company using the performance evaluation as a working tool than as an instrument of correction or punishment.

Carlos César Ribeiro Santos and Hernane Borges de Barros Pereira
[323-336]  [PDF]

In the last years, the concept of Maritime Networks has grown in importance in Europe, where ports were modernized and a highly developed waterway industry now exists within several European countries. In this article, we intend to build and demonstrate the importance of complex networks for transportation via Brazil’s maritime cabotage, aiming to optimize logistics operations with the use of this resource. First, we contextualize the issues. Then we present the theoretical framework and the method applied to the construction and verification of the article's main objectives. We argue that the use of network theory is useful to manage strategically container movement in coastal shipping. We point out the importance of using network theory as a differential tool for the study and development of maritime transport in Brazil and worldwide.

Jonas Cardona Venturini, Leander Luiz Klein and Breno Augusto Diniz Pereira
[337-348]  [PDF]

The aim of this article is to identify and analyze dissolution factors of inter-organizational networks. Therefore, we realized, as a research strategy, semi-structured interviews with five groups of individuals involved in the formation and development of business networks, and who were also involved in the dissolution of these networks. As data analysis procedures we followed the technique of content analysis. Regarding the results, it can be said that a number of factors contributed to the dissolution of business networks, among which stand out the lack of continuity of the Cooperation Networks program and low-associative and cooperative thinking of network members. In this sense, we concluded that the development of business networks requires the engagement and commitment of all involved.

HOSPITAL ACCREDITATION: An Analysis Conducted in Brazil Hospitals that have International Certification
Redvânia Vieira Xavier, Carla Macedo Velloso dos Santos Tamer, Jonathan Alves Galdino, Manoel Martins do Carmo Filho and Maria Rute França Silva
[349-361]  [PDF]

The hospital accreditation is a certification that aims to the improvement of the quality in the health services. However, the differentials of a hospital that has the hospital accreditation do not are known. Trying to answer the research problem, the paper has as general objective investigating which are the perceptions from the accredited hospitals in Brazil that have an international certification. This study is an exploratory and quantitative research, done through questionnaire (survey). The statistical method used in the research was the descriptive statistics. Finally, according to the respondents, the research concluded that accredited hospitals have several differentials by having the certification, with emphasis in differentials "patient safety" and "quality of service".

Cacilda Nacur Lorentz, Antonio Del Maestro, Alexandre de Padua Carrieri and Luiz Claudio de Lima
[362-373]  [PDF]

This article addresses diversity in the organizational context and has as central objective to identify the perception of managers about the policies and praxis existent. In the theoretical structure, it addresses discussions about the organizational environment before and after globalization, the Brazilian context particularities, the comprehension of diversity, inclusion and diversity management. Besides that, it seeks to identify conceptions about diversity in the perceptive of managers, analyze the perception about the existence of minority groups and the policies for diversity. For the research, it was chosen the segment of mining and steel industry, because they are traditional and meaningful sectors of the national economy and, in this case, because they are large organizations they face themselves with problems related to diversity management. Methodologically, it is a qualitative research with descriptive character, done in for organizations in the segments of mining and steel industry. Data were collected by a series of 11 interviews semi structured and in depth, recorded, transcribed and submitted to discourse analyses. Starting from the semantic path used, analyses were separated in topics approaching the conceptions of diversity, minority groups and diversity policies. Among the conclusions it is highlighted that the conceptions of diversity were elaborated having as parameter the references of the hegemonic group. It was identified the existence of prejudice directed towards afro descendants, homosexuals, people with disabilities and women. It is also highlighted the relevance of structuring of policies of inclusion and of valorization of diversity, that, when good reasoned can be a way to break the cycles of inequality in the work environment.

PUBLIC MANAGERS PROFESSIONALIZATION IN MINAS GERAIS: Limits and Potentials of the Occupational Certification
Lilian Bambirra de Assis, Ana Paula Paes de Paula, Glauce Cristine Ferreira Santos Viegas and Marco Aurélio Rodrigues
[374-385]  [PDF]

The objective of the study is to check the limits and potentials of the occupational certification project in Minas Gerais, understood as a human resource management tool. It is possible to see a growing investment in initiatives that aim to improve the service provided by these professionals, what should have an impact on services offered to the society. It is noticed that the choice of Minas Gerais is resulted from the pioneering in Brazil regarding to positions of public managers certification. To study the case 28 interviews were conducted with different audiences. From the idea until the present time, the process shows the potential for human resource management subsystems, and especially for the professionalization of public management. However, it was pointed out numerous hindering that need to be addressed in order to the process to gain greater credibility and effectiveness.

STAKEHOLDERS OF WGSB (Working Group of Sustainable Beef): Challenges for the Implementation of Sustainable Livestock
Denise Barros de Azevedo, Rafael Soares Costa, Guilherme Cunha Malafaia, Marcus Osório da Silva, Luiz Gustavo Soares Alves, Paula da Silva Santos and Ana Flávia Siqueira Abrahão
[386-392]  [PDF]

The purpose of this article is to identify the dialogues that are guiding the sustainable beef cattle in Brazil, through the case study of the Working Group for Sustainable Farming (GTPS), engaged in the promotion, development debates and formulation of standards and practices sustainable with stakeholders involved in the chain of beef cattle in order to create action and implementation strategies. We performed the classification of GTPS the stakeholders according to the model of the salience, the identification of the main barriers of beef cattle and importance given to sustainable development by stakeholders of the analyzed group. The results obtained allowed to raise the barriers faced by livestock sustainable beef cut and their respective segments; the perceptions of sustainable development requirements; the classification of stakeholders through the salience in order to permeate and spread the principles and practices of sustainable development on a consolidated basis.

André Gobbo, Gabriella Depiné Poffo, Talita dos Santos and Thiago dos Santos
[393-410]  [PDF]

Z Generation seeks to achieve its own style through the acquisition and accumulation of goods and these materialistic values are responsible for making the consumers strengthen their consumer desires. This study aims through the consumer behavior perspective at analyzing the relationship between materialism, excessive consumption and debt propensity of the teenagers of Z Generation. For this, we conducted an exploratory and descriptive research with a quantitative approach and survey. Data collection followed the structured questionnaire method applied to 400 adolescents in the city of Blumenau (SC). Statistical analysis was applied to the search results: descriptive (average and standard deviation) and multivariate (factor analysis and Spearman correlation). The sample of the young respondents has an averaged aged between 15 and 16 years, with female, married or cohabiting parents predominance. Most of young people had no bank account or financial debts. The application of factor analysis in materialism constructs, excessive consumption and debt propensity by Richins and Dawson (1992), Moura (2005) and Wu (2006) proposed the reduction from 11 to three dimensions. Finally, the Spearman correlation showed that variables in this study have no significant correlation to the age and frequency in saving money of the respondents in order to be more deeply analyzed.

Bruna Lozano Siqueira, Erlaine Binotto and Guilherme Cunha Malafaia
[411-424]  [PDF]

The objective is to identify the decision-making factors in the purchase of premium beef in Campo Grande - MS. It is a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive study, discourse analysis technique used to the data. The results characterized the profile of consumers to be stabilized financially and holders, mostly of highly educated, conscious, diligent and faithful to purchase the product. Seek and enjoy in premium beef top quality, its softness and its fat content. It appears that perception, life cycle, friends and family, and the culture in which they operate on the priority factors in making the purchase of premium meat. The features most appreciated in the decision to are the taste, quality and satisfaction. The results suggest that there are marketing actions to influence the increase in premium meat consumption aiming to extend both the demand and supply in the sector, and thus expand this important niche.

Izabelle Quezado, Josimar Souza Costa, Marcelo Gadelha Cavalcante and Heber José de Moura
[425-438]  [PDF]

With the use of mixed methods, this study investigates women’s and men’s reactions to human and spatial crowding in soccer stadium on occasion of the World Cup. The quantitative research is base on the scale of Perception of Crowding and the data was analyzed using the technique of Structural Equation Model. With regards to qualitative approach, an in-depth interview was conducted with participants of the quantitative research. The results indicated negative reactions to crowding regarding women. The spatial crowding, in turn, decreases women’s and men’s positive emotions. However, the negative relation between these two variables does not affected consumer satisfaction. There were evidences that gender moderates the relation between perception of crowding – human and spatial – and consumer satisfaction, mediated by emotions. Furthermore, the qualitative study suggests that other factors influence reactions to crowding in stadium, such as perception of security, assiduity, scarcity of the event, appreciation for soccer and team victory.

Fernanda Sousa Gabriel, Kárem Cristina de Sousa Ribeiro and Pablo Rogers
[439-453]  [PDF]

This research seeks to examine the performance of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Brazilian Real Estate Investment Trusts (FIIs) using risk-adjusted performance measures, such as Treynor, Sharpe, Jensen, Appraisal, Sortino and MM during the 2003-2013 period, as well as in different subperiods (before, during and after the subprime crisis of 2008). The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank, Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis tests were used in order to accomplish the paper´s goals. The results indicate that the risk-adjusted performances of the REITs vary over time, but they are relatively consisted for FIIs between the subperiods. The results also point out that, in general, the FII´s were not able to outperform the REITs during the 2003-2013 period or during the subperiods.

Dalila Alves Corrêa, Cristina Yoko Hayashi, Valéria Rueda Elias Spers, Yeda Cirera Oswaldo, Graziela Oste Graziano and Dagmar Silva Pinto de Castro
[454-466]  [PDF]

The article presents a case study in the context of an expansion project of an Austrian company for the implementation of a factory in Brazil. Your goal is to show the process of acculturation experienced by the expatriate manager early in the project. They gave priority to reports about the local culture, labor relations, habits and customs relevant to the implementation process. There was use of participant observation and in-depth interview. The study shows that cultural aspects inherent in projects of this kind interfere with their success and manage culture in a globalized context is a challenge for companies internationalization processes.

THE CONSUMPTION DYNAMIC OF THE GRADUATE MARKET: Main Stakeholders Perceptions about the Segment Offers
Ricardo Viana Carvalho de Paiva, Danilo de Melo Costa and Fábio Roberto Ferreira Borges
[467-476]  [PDF]

As well as the entire education, the offer of postgraduate degrees receives pressures of all audiences involved for redesign in terms of formats, learning dynamics, use of technology, among other possibilities (GABRIEL, 2013; KHAN, 2012). This, because the access to high quality knowledge is now democratized (for example, free massive online courses offered by the best schools in the world) turning the demand for postgraduate degree a plea for holistic learning experiences (IVY, 2008). This research explores in-depth what are these demands, from conducting interviews with different stakeholders of the postgraduate courses: graduate students; graduate alumni; prospects - graduate students; prospects - future students; recruiting professionals; and, teachers of foreign higher education institutions. The results present different perspectives on what are the paths to be taken by educational institutions in its graduate offerings, which are grouped in demands for skills that pertain to the theoretical contents, practical experiences, new technologies and preparation for a dynamic market.

Vinicius Girardi da Silveira, Luana dos Santos Fraga, Marcelo Brutti Righi, Kelmara Mendes Vieira and Paulo Sergio Ceretta
[477-491]  [PDF]

This study aims to analyze the Petrobras stocks behavior in light of the series of published relevant facts, beyond evaluate the impact of the company representation on the Brazilian equity market. To that, the employed data comprehend quotations of Petrobras preferential stock (PN) and Ibovespa, beyond their volumes in Brazilian Reais for the period from January 1, 2004 to March 10, 2015, totalizing 2763 daily observations. It was estimated a Copula-DCC-GARCH model to estimate volatility and dynamic correlation of the series. It was observed that moments that volatility of Petrobras stock price has rised was followed by rises of its correlation with the index. These results salient the strong relationship between Petrobras performance and Brazilian equity market, represented by Ibovespa, illustrating how the bad performance of the company can negatively affect the market performance

Manoel Gonçales Filho, Maria Helena Bernardo Myczkowski, Nilcéia Cristina dos Santos, Reinaldo Gomes da Silva and Fernando Celso de Campos
[492-501]  [PDF]

This article discusses the development of skills for the formation of leaders organized in two phases, the literature review and field research. The first part brings together materials related to the subject in the presentation of organizational skills and human capital, then addresses the development of skills in order to mount a profile for talent management. The second checks the adherence of the theory in a big organization with operating units in the city of Piracicaba, Campinas, Cosmópolis and Jundiaí, state of São Paulo. The research method used came from an exploratory literature review for the considers the main concepts of skills for the leadership formation. For the applicability was conducted a case study in a large multinational food company. Its contribution is to identify the profile and the current abilities and analyze how to develop them, approaching the organizational need.

ABSORPTIVE CAPACITY AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING: An Analysis for the Context of Public Administration
Ana Claudia Donner Abreu, Angela Regina Heinzen Amin Helou and Greicy Kelli Spanhol Lenzi
[502-514]  [PDF]

Absorptive capacity and organizational learning are two constructs that have their development interconnected with the understanding of private organizations, which leads to a gap in the investigation of these topics in the field of public administration. The goal of this article is to present how these issues have been defined, analyzing them in the context of public administration. Therefore, we carried out a mapping of publications on the subjects in the database Web of Science (WoS). In order to do so, bibliometric techniques and systematic review of literature have been the chosen procedures. As a result, it is argued that the investigated constructs are poorly applied to the context of public administration, requiring more conceptual reflections and empirical research about these constructs in this field. On the other hand, as the absorption capacity is a specific type of organizational learning with respect to the organization's relationship with the external knowledge, it is necessary to consider its development as a way to bring together the public administration and its stakeholders.

THE MEDIA SOCIAL AS A TOOL TO SUPPORT MICRO BUSINESS AND SMALL BUSINESSES: A Study on Tourism Sector Enterprises Located In the Metropolitan Area of Belo Horizonte/ Brazil
Sérgio Chaves Caldas
[515-523]  [PDF]

The aim of the research reported here was to investigate the use of social media as a business support tool. A qualitative and descriptive study was conducted in fifteen companies in tourism sector in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. The research subjects were managers of these companies. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews. The results revealed that the managers of companies surveyed perceive the importance of the the importance of social media as a business support tool, highlighting the following results: improvements in the buying process , the brand value , increasing the number of customers , improved cost management of its products and services , improving service and agility, financial return and improvements in quality indicators. Given the findings, we suggest another research of quantitative nature and to analyze the perceptions to better understand the use of social media as a business support tool.

Ricardo André Hornburg and Norberto Hochheim
[524-536]  [PDF]

One of the great difficulties that have in evaluating mass of real estate is to find a model that shows the reality of the real estate market so you can build a Plant of Generic Values. This paper presents a method for assessing mass properties that will be applied to buildings in the center district of the city of Balneario Camboriú in the State of Santa Catarina - Brazil. The objective is to find a geostatistical model that is able to estimate the value of real estate. The Bayesian geostatistical methods are used in this work in a combined way to estimate the value of the location of the property. Bayesian Kriging technique that allows estimating variable values spatially distributed from adjacent values considered as interdependent is used. Thus, the kriging is considered a method of moving averages. The semivariogram is the basic tool holder the kriging techniques, allowing quantitatively represent the variation of a regionalized phenomenon in space.

Tatiane de Sousa Soares Borges, Edson Aparecida de Araujo Querido Oliveira, Marcela Barbosa de Moraes and Rita de Cássia Rigotti Vilela Monteiro
[537-550]  [PDF]

The purpose of this paper is to propose a processo f deploying a technology incubator at the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT), campus Gurupi-TO, to seek to understand how this process takes and why is it importante to development of regional companies, mainly in the fields of Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences. The analysis of existing incubators in Brazil and incubated companies, selected among the technology-based, implemented in universities, is in line with the objective of this study, which is to show how is the implementation of an incubator and development. It was used as a methodology, as the procedures for obtaining the data, the bibliographic and documentary research; on the approach, qualitative and quantitative; on the technical procedures, the case study; and as the survey instrument, shaped form of standardized interview. The main results were: knowledge of the structure of the investigated incubators; what the incubator offers companies in terms of services and infrastructure; incubation period at each stage; the amount paid by the companies to the incubator and how this feature is managed by the incubator and the difficulties faced by incubators during its implementation process.

Ludmila de Vasconcelos Machado Guimarães, Jéssica Gabrielle Mathias do Carmo and Mariana de Lima Caeiro
[551-561]  [PDF]

This essay shows a publications overview in administration that cover the clinical approaches and psychoanalysis. The bibliographic research which was done by Spell’s database – Scientific Periodicals Electronic Library, aims to find the indexed articles which the theoretical reference was Psychodynamics, Psychosociology or Clinical Sociology – all of them clinical approaches. After the identification and classification of these articles, published between 1960 and 2013, they were organized into spreadsheets, and the data, tabulated to promote the viewing of: 1) what was the periodics that used this viewing the most; 2) In what period there was the biggest number of published articles; 3) What authors wrote about the theme; and 4) what were the academic background of these authors. The setting of these informations allowed quantitative and qualitative analysis and indicate that the publications related to this clinical approach and to the organizational studies still are incipient in Brazil.

BOLSA FAMÍLIA PROGRAM: The Management Process Developed By Public Administration in a Municipality in North of Mato Grosso – BRAZIL
Pelegri P, Baggenstoss S and Silva R P
[562-577]  [PDF]

The Bolsa Família Program is a unification of federal assistance actions that, through the transfer of resources, aims to reduce poverty and expand welfare services, health and education. Recognize how this process happens is a challenge and requirement for efficient management of public resources. This research aims to analyze how the program is managed of a city in the North of Mato Grosso, in the perception of managers, standards and legislation. Further examine the efficiency of the management process, conditionalities, as is the monitoring by the departments responsible for health, education and social assistance of the municipal. Information was obtained from bibliographic analysis, documents, websites and portals of the government and interviews with the managers and technical managers. Among the results, it was observed obstacles that are linked to the low capacity of technical organization, lack of infrastructure, lack of people, lack of mechanisms and actions of cooperation and integration. However, constructive points were observed as a significant number of families included in the program, range of the quality index, compliance with the obligations assumed by the municipality and managers, thus ensuring greater effectiveness in the process.

Edson Kenji Kondo and Maria Leonora de Souza e Silva Limeira
[578-583]  [PDF]

This is a study of the competitive strategy used by four high end restaurants from Brasilia, Brazil. The study seeks to understand the strategic choices of restaurants in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. Methodologically, it is an exploratory study of actual cases of four restaurants. The main instrument was the semi structured interviews with managers or owners of the four restaurants. The study showed that keeping qualified professionals is considered one of the main competitive factors for the restaurants. Of the four restaurants, three consider impeccable quality as the essential element for competitiveness, while one considers that its main source of competitiveness comes from a combination of services in the form of an entertainment experience. The study finds that the success is the result of excepcional service which depends on well trained workers allowing customers to experience a unique and exclusive image for the customers.

Neila Conceição Viana da Cunha, Aline Nunes Caetano da Silva and Gisele Brunherotto
[584-595]  [PDF]

This study brings innovative concepts, some strategies that can be adopted for its implementation and development and some indicators measuring the innovation capability of companies. The article aims to answer the following research questions: How innovation helps maintain the company's competitive position in the market? What innovations have been adopted over time to maintain the competitive position of these companies? The main objective of this paper is to analyze the technological capability of companies as well as the technological strategy adopted to maintain the competitive advantage achieved considering the adopted innovations and contributions of innovation. The research is qualitative (FLICK 2009) and descriptive (BERVIAN et al 2007). The method used was multiple case study (YIN, 2001). Secondary and primary data were collected. The secondary data collection was carried out through the annual reports of companies and official disclosures. These data were used to support the primary data collection. Primary data was collected through interviews with representatives of each company analyzed and occupying strategic positions directly linked to innovation. Data analysis was based on the perspective of the authors of the literature presented and performed by the comparison between the two case studies of companies at different stages of innovation. The results showed that both companies are innovative, but with different strategies. One has an offensive strategy turning all his efforts to achieve a privileged position in the market, while the other adopts a defensive strategy focusing on cost reduction and increased productivity by offering differentiated products to its customers from incremental innovations.

OUTSOURCING IN MAINTENANCE SERVICES: A Case of a Siderurgical Company in Belo Horizonte
Ana Carolina Martins Silva, Paulo Fernandes Sanches Junior, Enderson Fabian de Carvalho and Ludmila de Vasconcelos Machado Guimarães
[596-616]  [PDF]

The purpose of this article is to analyze the way of Vallourec, a siderurgical company of Minas Gerais, performs the process of outsourcing maintenance services. For this study was adapted the steps of the outsourcing process proposed by Novaes through use of a questionnaire applied in the professionals involved directly in commercial and/or technical of maintenance contracts issues of Vallourec to identify motivating factors this process, its advantages and disadvantages and the impacts of outsourcing. As a result, it was verified that the company seeks to identify the risks and benefits of the process before opting for hiring a supplier and this analysis is considered crucial when deciding to outsource an activity. In terms of advantages, focus on core business or core competence, was quoted as motivating the outsourcing process besides the flexibility, expertise of provider and costs optimization. As negatives aspects were cited, the legal labour complaints, loss of knowhow and lack of identification with the supplier.

Antonio Carlos Silva Costa, Waldemar Antonio da Rocha de Souza, Claudio Zancan, Luciana Peixoto Santa Rita and Nicholas Joseph Tavares da Cruz
[617-630]  [PDF]

Several research showed that agricultural commodities prices recorded trend, seasonality and cycle. However we did not identify research analyzing the occurrence of trend, seasonality and cycle in the anhydrous ethanol Northeast prices. In this article we used the structural time series model to analyze the existence of the elements in the anhydrous ethanol Northeast prices, using the real monthly price Alagoas, from December 1999 to March 2015 as proxy. The resulting state space model translated the existence of trend and short- and long-term cycles. However, the seasonality showed no statistically significant result. Also identified interventions, structural breaks and outliers, coincident with changes in legislation and movements in commodity supply and demand, and illustrated twelve months ahead forecasts. The modeling can be used for production, marketing and storage decisions of anhydrous ethanol in the Northeast.

Thayse Santos da Cruz, Sonia Maria da Silva Gomes, Adriano Leal Bruni, José Maria Dias Filho, Neylane dos Santos Oliveira and Nverson da Cruz Oliveira
[631-641]  [PDF]

This research investigated the relationship between corporate sustainability practices, coping strategies to climate change and the value of non-financial companies listed on the BM&FBOVESPA. The criterion management of the climate change dimension in the questionnaire about the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) was analyzed, as a proxy of the value of companies Tobin's Q was used and to measure corporate sustainability, the inclusion in CSI was used as proxy. Analysis of multiple linear regression involved data from 179 companies. The results showed that, at 5% significance level, there is no significant statistic relation between corporate sustainability practices, strategies for coping climate change and enterprise value of the investigated companies. Therefore, this research found evidences that such information is not considered relevant by the Brazilian capital market for decision making about investments.

Fernanda Pauletto D’Arrigo, Ana Virginia Giordani Bertolini, Claudia Prantz, Ana Cristina Fachinelli, Márcia Rohr da Cruz and Maria Emilia Camargo
[642-651]  [PDF]

The constant process of knowledge acquisition and exploitation in organizations encourages the intangible assets of the organization and its members, thereby developing knowledge sharing within the company and increasing the capacity to solve problems, create new knowledge and innovate. Nevertheless, once we reflect about importance of knowledge sharing to this process, it is possible to inquire how the individual interests of members of the organization may interfere in the knowledge acquisition and exploitation in organizations. Thereby, the study aims to analyze the influence of intention to share knowledge (tacit and explicit) in the knowledge acquisition and exploitation of 48 young entrepreneurs in the Serra Gaucha, southern Brazil. The results indicate the intention to share knowledge, especially tacit knowledge influences knowledge acquisition and exploitation in organizations.

RESULT EFFECT: How the Team's Performance Affects the Brand Image Sponsor Company
Ari Melo Mariano, Eduardo da Matta Fialho, Felipe Burle dos Anjos, Carla Daiane Costa Dutra, Ricardo Matos Santana and Fabrício José Souza Bastos
[652-663]  [PDF]

This study aimed to identify the degree of influence between the effect and the result of the sponsoring brand image. The literature explains that there is a strong relationship of the brand with emotional factors, therefore, emotional changes caused by the performance of the team can change the brand image of the sponsoring company. These emotional changes due to the performance and the feeling expressed by the use of products that carry the brand team and the sponsor company explain the effect result. To accomplish this, a descriptive quantitative research was conducted. A validated questionnaire was applied (α = 0.7595), to 111 people, 79 men and 32 women. The degree of influence was of 38.7%, suggesting that the team's performance is directly related to the sponsor's brand image.

Renato Breitenbach, Daniele Nespolo, Gabriel Sperandio Milan, Luciene Eberle, Fernando Fantoni Bencke and Ilciane Maria Sganzerla Breitenbach
[664-677]  [PDF]

This study aimed to identify in articles published in administration, accounting and economics the topic of corporate reputation studies that portray innovation in service providers in order to analyze the contributions of this size - innovation - in shaping the reputation of the companies. A search in ProQuest database was performed using terms like corporate reputation descriptors (corporate reputation) and innovation in services (innovation in services). It was identified 14 studies (investigated mostly in Europe and the UK), with predominance of empirical approaches. It is important to realize that corporate reputation can be influenced by innovation and, in this regard, studies could contribute to the service providers in the development of innovative strategies to boost business reputation. It is suggested to carry out new studies that expand the size of the sample or analyze different variables to a better understand of the results. Strengthening links between innovation in service providers and corporate reputation may be an area for future theoretical and empirical investigations.

MANAGEMENT PRACTICE: Its Dialogical, Historical, and Socio-semiotical Mediations
Dorival De Stefani, Yára Lúcia Mazziotti Bulgacov and Francis Kanashiro Meneghetti
[678-687]  [PDF]

This theoretical essay contributes to advance investigation into practice in management and organizational studies. The current state of research into practice suggests the need for broader and more in-depth analytical studies. We view management as a social and discursive practice, adopting the position that management is an action located in the way practical-productive life becomes apparent through managers' responses to previously realized actions, constituting an undefined historical chain of actions and responses. This chain is a result of the interactions between interlocutors that act and respond to the existence of social situations inserted into an organized social context. Thus, management is revealed as historically, socio-semiotically, and dialogically mediated, and what emerges is a convergence of multiple voices. Dialogical discourse analysis can therefore be a methodological resource for investigating management as social and discursive practice.

PERCEPTION OF VALUE AND SATISFACTION AS TO SUPPORT MATERIAL: A Comparison between the Students of Distance Learning and Attendance
Marcel Luciano Klozovski, Lauro Brito de Almeida, Juliane Sachser Angnes, João Francisco Morozini, Klevi Mary Reali and Ademir Juraci Fanfa Ribas
[688-699]  [PDF]

De acordo com Garcia e Gouw (2009) a educação a distância (EaD) no Brasil, principalmente a utilizada no ensino superior é um processo recente se for comparada com as experiências iniciadas na Suécia (1833), na Inglaterra (1840), na Alemanha (1856) e nos Estados Unidos (1874). Em todos estes países já existiam - antes de chegarem ao Brasil -programas educativos sendo transmitidos ou enviados com várias metodologias e formas, correios, rádio, posteriormente televisão, permitindo a democratização da educação de qualidade. Tais tecnologias foram sendo incorporadas na EaD como suporte às propostas pedagógicas em vigência.

Jouliana Jordan Nohara, Claudia Rosa Acevedo and Luiz Gonzaga de Ataliba Nogueira Neto
[700-711]  [PDF]

This paper presents a field research on the relationship between compulsive consumption and predominance of material values as a factor predisposing individuals to such behavior. A convenience sample involved 205 respondents who answered the Compulsive Buying Scale (Valence, d'Astous & Fortier, 1988) and Material Values Scale (Richins, 2004). A quantitative methodology distinguished compulsive consumers, thus oulining two distinct groups to be examined. The survey results demonstrate the predominance of material values in compulsive consumers and the analysis of the subscales of the Material Values Scale (Richins, 2004) indicates centrality of possession and acquisition in the lives of people with material values as the most important subscale in the sample of Brazilian consumers.

Valderez Fraga, Déborah Moraes Zouain and Fernanda Francisca Veras Carvalho
[712-728]  [PDF]

This study describes and discusses the micro-credit implementation, limited by 92city districts of Rio de Janeiro, to support potential entrepreneurs, among the low rate population. The partnership including the Estate and Third Sector, among CrediAmigo and VivaCred instead of traditional credit programs, summed up to the northeastern experience developed by the Northeast Bank has supported the strategy. A qualitative methodology with a phenomenological orientation has stimulated the conviviality in the research field, the sharing of situations during meetings and semi-structured interviews, enriched by a bibliographic and documental socio-relational analysis. Besides considerations on recent and past questions it was possible to anticipate some future partnership preoccupations, through the subjects manifestations, as: novelty, operational doubts, in special the necessity of mutual confidence which involves more than motivation but market problems, formal and legal strategies, based on relational an cultural assumed positions. The results revealed expected positive aspects, as disposition to learn and expansion. In the final considerations the social base of the program shows the relevance of all elements, recognizing its complexity, still open to future reflections on the past follow up, looking for learning in search for new productive and long lasting entrepreneurships.

CRITICAL REALISM APPLIED TO THE STRATEGY AS SOCIAL PRACTICE – Talks and Theoretical and Methodological Discussions
Isabel Cristina da Silva Arantes, Marcelo Ferreira Viana and Mozar José de Brito
[729-739]  [PDF]

This essay aims to discuss the epistemological approach of critical realism applied in the course of analysis of making strategy as a social practice. It is discussed that the approach of critical realism provides an epistemological and ontological framework that can contribute to the understanding of strategy as practice, to the extent that it focuses on interpretative assumptions of philosophical and sociological basis, giving emphasis on practice, to the process of social constructionism. Critical realism contributes, directly or indirectly, to explain the key points for strategy as social practice, such as that there is an indissoluble bond between society and individuals, between totality and part. Therefore, the aim of the investigation of the social object directs itself to the social relationships instead of the isolated analysis of structures or individuals. Thus, this work contributes to make some progress on the theoretical discussion about critical realism and about strategies as a social practice, portraying the interfaces and theoretical conversations between these both constructs.

Magda Mendonça dos SANTOS, Adenize Costa ACIOLI, Antonio Carlos Silva COSTA, Claudio ZANCAN, Uilliane Faustino de Lima GONÇALVES and Waldemar Antonio da Rocha de SOUZA
[740-749]  [PDF]

This article is the result of a study that aimed to understand how it performs hospitality destined to inpatient from outpatient care for drug administration in the remarks and wards that comprise the blue wing of the General State Hospital - HGE. The methodological process was based on a literature survey and by the descriptive method in managing processes and service protocols. The research used a questionnaire with open and closed questions during the survey was conducted four meetings with multidisciplinary group of professionals at the institution, contractors, caregivers and users who directly and indirectly in patient care in this area. A systemic approach to care and identifying potential weaknesses in Hospitality patient care in that area.