Call for Papers

Economics and Finance Review (EFR) is an international journal and thus invites research papers from all over the world from people having different research and academic backgrounds. It is interested in publishing rigorous research papers that provides sound theoretical and clear insights with future practical and actionable implications for the well being of stakeholders of the society as a whole. As the title of the journal indicates, it calls for papers in any area related to Economics and Finance however for the convenience of authors, following areas can be selected while writing for Economics and Finance Review:


Fiscal Policies Capital Budgeting
Monetary Policies Working Capital Management
Computational Economics Financial Markets
Econometrics Public Finance
Virtual Economy Managerial Finance
National Income Corporate Finance
Market Structure Research Methods for Finance
Research Methods for Economics Investment Management
Economic Growth Asset Management
Gross Domestic Product Financial Mathematics
Public Economics Recent Trends in Finance
Behavioral Economics Islamic Banking
Financial Economics Derivatives
Managerial Economics Financial Regulations
International Economics Law and Finance
Micro-economics Financial Institutions
Macro-economics Financial Frauds
Law and Economics International Finance
Green Economics Personal Finance
Resource Economics Virtual Finance
Economic History Insurance and Finance
Contemporary Issues in Economics Banking and Finance